Associates Home Loan is proud to offer a new grant focusing on something near and dear to our heart: adoption.

The $1,000 Associates Home Loan Adoption Grant was created in 2020 to assist those who are wanting to adopt but may need financial assistance in the process. We believe individuals and families who are willing to open up their homes to adoptive children are worth recognizing. With that said, we understand that the adoption process can be costly. Our hope is our grant can be a source of support to supplement the cost of giving a child a loving, permanent family.

For more information on the application process and requirements, please see below.


Apply through the below form field, and also submit your Homestudy. 

A recipient will be selected twice a year. The next deadline is June 15th.

The selected individual/family to receive the grant will be contacted and will have two weeks to confirm their adoption agency and adoption process status.

A check will be mailed directly to the recipient’s agency to be used towards adoption expenses.


Applicants must be home-studied approved. 

Money is only payable in USD to a US adoption agency. The grant money will be mailed directly to your agency of choice.

Two recipients a year will be selected. The first deadline is on December 30th. The second deadline is June 15th. The chosen individual/family to receive the grant must respond within two weeks to confirm their adoption agency and contact information. If Associates Home Loan does not receive a response within two weeks, another recipient will be selected.

We accept applications from anyone adopting, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

Application Guidelines:

Once you have written your essay, fill out the form below completely.

Note: Associates Home Loan does respect the applicant’s privacy. However, winners will have their first name and essay used for marketing and promotional purposes.

Deadline for Submissions:

A recipient will be chosen.

The next deadline is June 15th.

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