Manufactured Home Loans

There are some unique restrictions and stipulations to consider when it comes to finding financing for a manufactured home. Manufactured homes are a great prefabricated housing option for many [...]

FHA Refinance Solutions

FHA loans are a wildly popular type of home financing for any client who may otherwise struggle to get approval for conventional home financing. Sponsored by the Federal Housing Administration [...]

Fixed-rate vs Adjustable-rate Mortgages: Choices

Whether you are buying your first home or selling a home to find a better place, you will need to understand the financing choices available to you. Home loans can come in the form of a [...]

Multifamily Financing

Multifamily Financing Options Are you interested in investing in a multifamily building as a real-estate investment, but unsure of what options are available to you for financing? In this week’s [...]

Mortgage Refinance FAQs

Answering Your Mortgage Refinance FAQs At Associates Home Loan of Florida, Inc., we’re proud of the home financing and refinancing solutions we find for our clients. We have a full range of [...]

How to Save for a Down Payment

Tips to Save for a Down Payment Are you interested in purchasing a home, but struggling with the prospect of raising enough cash to save for a down payment? You’re not alone. Many of our clients [...]

How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?

A Guide to Estimating Your Mortgage Amount How much mortgage can I afford? It’s a common question whether you’re buying your first home or your tenth. To determine how much house you can [...]

What is Cash-Out Refinancing?

Cash-Out Refinancing Explained Cash-out refinancing is a type of refinancing that increases the value of a homeowner’s mortgage in exchange for their receipt of a cash payment. It replaces your [...]

How to Buy a Home with a Judgment Lien

Judgment Liens and Home Financing Judgment liens are court orders that require that a debtor turns over his or her home to a creditor for failing to fulfill his or her payment contract. In this [...]

Fix-and-Flip Loans: Get Money to Flip a House

Fix-and-Flip Loans Whether you’re a first-time flipper or a seasoned real-estate investor, you’re looking for the best financing options. There are several types of fix-and-flip loans to [...]

Rate and Term Refinance: How It Works

Long-term Savings with Rate and Term Refinance Rate and term refinance is a term used to describe several wide-ranging types of refinancing solutions that share a single function: to change the [...]

Rebuilding Credit for Home Loans in Tampa, FL – Learn More from Associates Home Loan of Florida, Inc.

Rebuilding Credit for Home Loans Whether you’ve been turned down for a mortgage loan because of bad credit or you’re working to improve your credit to refinance to a better rate, help is here. [...]

Hard Money Loan FAQs

A Guide to Hard Money Lending When it comes to home financing, not everyone meets the approval requirements associated with conventional lending contracts. Hard money loans are a unique funding [...]

Bad Credit? Borrowing When You Have a Credit Score of 500 or Below

Getting a loan can be hard—and it’s even more difficult if you have a credit score of 500 or below. Traditional lenders rely heavily on credit scores to paint a picture of a potential borrower’s [...]

How We Help Our Clients

Going to a bank to get a loan isn’t an easy or quick process. With a stack of required paperwork and a credit check, it can be weeks before you even know whether you’ve been approved for a loan. [...]

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