Sell Seller Held Mortgages

Looking to sell a trust deed, commercial mortgage note, land contract, real estate contract, or a mortgage deed? When it’s time to take your mortgage notes to market, Associates Home Loan can help you get the capital you need.

Why You Should Sell Your Mortgage Notes

Everyone has a different reason for selling their mortgage notes. Some of the most common include:

  • To purchase new real estate
  • To make home improvements
  • To cover tuition costs
  • To cover medical expenses
  • To travel
  • To invest elsewhere
  • To make a large purchase

No reason is any better than another—what matters is you want to make a sale, and you want to do it quickly. When time matters, make sure to take your mortgage notes to the people who care.

At Associates Home Loan of Florida, we help our clients get their hands on the capital they need quickly. We know that delays can mean missed opportunities. We’re upfront about the process, so you’ll always know what to expect. Contact us today to get the process started! Remember, the sooner you contact us, the sooner you’ll get your money.

Sell These Types of Mortgage Notes

We buy the following types of mortgage notes:

  • First mortgages
  • Second mortgages
  • Wrap-around mortgages
  • Contracts for sale
  • Lease purchase agreements
  • Contracts-for-deed
  • First & second deeds of trust
  • Purchase money mortgages
  • Real estate lien notes
  • Real estate land contracts

We have a minimum purchase value of $10,000. Contact us to get more information now!

Type of Properties Accepted

Worried that the type of property your mortgage note covers will be hard to sell? While some can be more difficult than others, working with Associates Home Loan helps simplify the process. There’s no need to find a buyer looking for that type of property.

We purchase notes for:

  • Single-family residential homes
  • Duplexes
  • Apartments
  • Income properties
  • Improved Land/Small Tracts
  • Recreational & resort spaces
  • Commercial
  • Improved lots
  • Mobile homes with lots
  • Farms & ranches
  • Condos
  • Motels
  • Vacant land
  • Portfolios

Discuss your needs with one of our professionals. At Associate Home Loans, we’ll make sure you get your note sold at the best price. Contact us today.

Need Funds?

Get the capital you need quickly by selling your mortgage notes with the Associates Home Loan of Florida, Inc.