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May 8, 2018

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Going to a bank to get a loan isn’t an easy or quick process. With a stack of required paperwork and a credit check, it can be weeks before you even know whether you’ve been approved for a loan. When you need money quickly, it can feel like there are few options. Add to that complications like an overdue tax bill or a low credit score and securing a traditional bank loan becomes even more unlikely.

Judgment-Free Zone

The Associates Home Loan of Florida, Inc. makes borrowing money easy and fast. When you’re in a tight spot or just want to handle your financial matters quickly, going to a bank can be a trial. At The Associates, our door is always open to our clients and to those looking for a solution to their problems. We’re a judgment-free zone. We know life happens and that sometimes we need a boost to get back on our feet.

Fast Answers

When you come to The Associates, you’ll find a welcoming, open atmosphere. We’ll discuss your needs and your financial situation and help you determine which loan products may be the most suitable for you. At the end of the day, you’ll have a good idea of whether your loan will be approved and for how much—and in 7 to 14 days, you’ll have your cash in hand so you can settle your property taxes, improve your home, halt a foreclosure proceeding, or deal with any other issue life has tossed your way.

Bad Credit? We Can Help

When you enter a bank, sometimes all they can see is a number—your credit score. At The Associates, we know you’re so much more. Your credit score won’t stop us from lending you money. We offer a variety of loan products to assist individuals with credit scores below 500, as well as traditional loan types such as VA loans and FHA loans. Our goal has always been to help people, whether that means originating a non-prime mortgage or a hard money loan.

Individuals with credit scores are often excluded from traditional bank lending. Because banks require credit checks and higher credit scores, they find that too many doors are closed to them. Rather than excluding these individuals, The Associates welcomes them with open arms, including those who have faced financial challenges, including bankruptcy, and seeking assistance in getting loans after bankruptcy. Our goal is to help everyone acquire the financing they need, even individuals who have just filed for bankruptcy or are in foreclosure proceedings. Unlike big banks, our loans are funded by private individuals, which means we have greater discretion when it comes to who we lend to. This allows us to make loans that banks wouldn’t normally make and provides assistance to those overlooked by traditional lending.


Our team of experienced financial experts has helped countless Floridians get the cash they need. Since 1995, AHL has originated a variety of loans to help people purchase their first home, add a pool to their property, and remodel their outdated kitchens.

We believe in being honest and upfront with people. When you speak to one of our skilled mortgage advisors, you’ll get the information you need to make a choice that truly works for you. You’ll learn about the various loan types you may be eligible for, their requirements, and their interest rates.

Wherever you are in life, whatever you need, The Associates Home Loan of Florida, Inc. can help. To learn more about our loan offerings and to discover which options may be right for you, apply online now.

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